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Welcome to Undevised. This is a photo sharing community for those photos that we've all taken without meaning to take. It's for those blurry and/or over exposed and/or just general accidental or unintentional photos we've taken that have actually come out looking really neat. Have you ever taken a picture of someone where they move and you get a motion blur on their face that makes them look demonic? Join the community and share it! That's the type of thing that I'm talking about! It'll be fun! I promise. ;)


° You don't have to introduce yourself when you join, but it's always cool to do.

° If you choose to introduce yourself to the community you can post (behind an LJ-CUT) a photograph of yourself that was not an accidental/blurry photo. But this is the ONLY exception to the theme of this community.

° Please keep photographs under 550x550 pixels, larger images must go behind an LJ-CUT.

° If posting more then one photo, please put all but one photograph behind an LJ-CUT and specify how many photos are behind the cut. Or all images can go behind the cut as well, it's you'r choice.

° Photoshopping, altering, editting and manipulating photos is fine, but the base photograph must have been an accidental/blurry photograph to begin with.

° For now this community has no age restrictions. Please be mature and thoughtful when posting photographs. If the photograph is explicit in nature please put it behind an LJ-CUT with a short description of how it is explicit.

° Nudity is fine, but again, it must go behind an LJ-CUT with a description.